Approximate Wine Club Package Cost

Please note:  These are approximate costs of each Wine Club package which includes 6 bottles of wine.  They do not reflect exact charges and will vary depending on your customizations to your Wine  Club package.  Your credit card will be automatically charged for your selected or customized package in April and November.  Members who choose to cancel before purchasing two wine club packages will be charged an early cancellation fee of $50. Discounts are not applicable to the biannual Wine Club packages. These prices are based on the average wine bottle price in each category and they do not include tax* or shipping.**  Costs are subject to change without notification.

Dry Lovers
Approx. $150 per package

Sweet Lovers
Approx. $85 per package

Mix It Up!
Approx. $110 per package

*Michigan sales tax is 6%
**Shipping is $30 for 6 bottles