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Meet The LB Team


Tommy, Tasting Room Manager
Tommy has been a family friend since his early childhood and has been with us since Day 1!  He will always go out of his way to make sure your time with us is spectacular!

Jena 2.jpg

Jena, Operations Manager
Jena (pronounced Gee-nuh) started off as a customer and started working for us shortly after we opened! She does a little bit of everything! Fun Fact: She's also fluent in Spanish!

Kristin M.jpg

Kristin, Tasting Room Associate
Kristin is a full-time teacher and mom and part-time kick ass wine server (or ballerista as we call 'em).  She's been slinging wine on the side for over 10 years!


Sam, Tasting Room Associate
Sam is our sweet-loving sweetheart!  Find her on the occasional weekend at one of our tasting rooms.  We are her "fun job!"


Rochelle, Tasting Room Associate
Rochelle is a long-time friend and our former hairdresser! She sold her salon a few years ago and pursued her passion of teaching.  We still get her for summers though!


Kristi, Tasting Room Associate
Kristi used to volunteer for us for ALL of the wine festivals.  Eventually we talked her into working for us part-time and she will never cease to put a smile on your face!


Lorelli, Tasting Room Associate
We go way back with Lori, who we've known since our childhood!  Lori is a retired dental assistant, but now she prefers that what goes in your mouth stays in your mouth!

Mel V.jpg

Mel V, Tasting Room Associate
Mel owns a daycare business–so you can understand why she drinks wine and wanted a part-time job where she could be around adults–even if they're not always well behaved.

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